Frequently Asked Questions

We are a full service Bat Cotrol company that specializes in bat removal, bat control, bat exclusions, removing bats in attics and other structures, and bat guano cleanup with removal and replacement of contaminated insulation.

No, Animal Control Solutions is a full services Wildlife Control company that specializes in solving nuisance wildlife conflicts within our Virignia communities including Fredericksburg. Other animals we commonly deal with include birds, raccoons, squirrels, snakes, skunks, mice, rats, moles, groundhogs, bees, beavers, and opossums are among the most common nuisance wildlife in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

The most common type of bat problem Wildlife Control Companies deal with are bats in the attic. It is common for bats to roost and form colonies within an attic space.

Animal Control Solutions is a full services wildife removal company that takes care of the problem from start to finish. We perform roof repairs, chimney cap installation, siding repairs, removal and replacement of insulation, and soffit and fascia board repairs and replacement. These are some of the more common services provided that animals commonly damage.

No, Animal Control Solutions is a multi state licensed company that provides services throughout Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Ohio and Washington DC.